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Demons and Stones

Gold star long earrings

Gold star long earrings

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24K gold star long earrings, 1. A symbol of wealth and power: Gold has been a symbol of resources and wealth since ancient times. As a rare precious metal, gold earrings symbolize wealth and power.
2. Loyalty in love and happy marriage: Gold earrings symbolize perseverance and love, fidelity in love and happy marriage.
3. Good luck and blessing: The bright color of gold earrings has auspicious and auspicious cultural colors. Giving gold earrings is an auspicious and blessing choice.
4. Willing to listen to your lover’s voice for the rest of your life: Earrings are worn on the left and right sides of the earlobes, close to the heart, so wearing earrings given by your lover means that you are willing to listen to your lover’s voice for the rest of your life.
Giving gold earrings to your mother is a sign of filial piety. It means that your son will be filial to you when he grows up. This is the most gratifying thing for all parents.

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