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Demons and Stones

frosted halo ring

frosted halo ring

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1. Nobility: Gold itself is relatively precious and has always been regarded as a symbol of nobility and magnificence. It is not only a manifestation of status, but also a personal taste in life, making people more and more confident. .
2. Love: The ring is an indispensable part of the wedding ceremony. It is endowed with the meaning of eternal love. It is best to give it to your beloved. It expresses that you want to grow old with the other person, and it can also express your true feelings for your lover.
3. Wealth: Gold itself represents money, so gold rings also have the connotation of wealth. They are more suitable for people who are doing business or doing business, as they imply prosperity and prosperity.
4. Status symbol: In ancient times, gold was used as currency in circulation, so gold has always been a symbol of wealth. Ancient people wore gold rings to show their noble status.

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