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Demons and Stones

Fluorite is suitable for Pisces, Cancer, Leo

Fluorite is suitable for Pisces, Cancer, Leo

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Effects of fluorite

       1. Fluorite can help keep the mind awake and stimulate the right brain to deepen people's thinking ability. . Yingshi is a gemstone for the Ajna chakra. It has miraculous effects on headaches, migraines, and headaches. It can be used for meditation and inspiration to help eliminate emotional distress.

       2. Fluorite has strong energy. It can remove the negative energy accumulated in the human body and resist and prevent the invasion of external negative energy.

       3. Fluorite helps focus and is less susceptible to external interference. It can eliminate cluttered thoughts and effectively improve learning and work efficiency. It is suitable for office and student wear.

       4. Fluorite can remove bad impurities, help degaussing and purifying the human body's aura, and clean and balance each chakra.

       5. The wearing and selection of fluorite can reflect a person's aesthetics and affinity.

       6. Fluorite is suitable for people who are irritable and impulsive, and can help control personal emotions.

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