Q: Are your crystals natural crystals?

A: Our crystals come from all over the world. It is a real natural crystal stone

We undergo professional inspection before purchasing natural crystals

Q: Why is the texture of each crystal different?

A: The color or crystals of natural crystals or minerals cannot be the same. Natural crystals or minerals have defects such as natural cotton wool, texture, different sizes, black spots, ice cracks, ice lines, unevenness or mineral defects. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the efficacy and use of the crystal.

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Q: Is the actual product the same as the photo?

A: All our product photos are taken of the actual product. The product is photographed in an effort to show the original color of the actual product. The color displayed on each computer screen or mobile phone screen will be different. Due to factors such as shooting lighting and screen equipment, there may be slight deviations between the pictures and the actual objects. However, color difference is unavoidable during the shooting, personal perception or presentation process. All items are subject to the actual shipped items.

Q: Do I need to purify or degauss the crystal myself after receiving the goods?
A: We use white sage to purify before shipment, which has quickly restored the frequency of the crystal or ore and relieved the negative energy. Customers can wear them immediately after receiving the goods.

Q: How do you take care of crystals on a daily basis?

A: When taking a bath or sleeping, remove the crystal bracelet from your body and let the crystal bracelet rest.

Crystal bracelets need to be worn frequently and remind the crystal of your wishes. Completely believe that the crystal can help you and hope that the crystal can exert its effect.

Q: Should crystals or minerals be placed on the table or worn on the body?

A: If worn on the body, the crystal can quickly adjust the magnetic energy of the human body through direct resonance. We can wear it on the body or directly touch the skin.

However, some crystals or minerals cannot be made into jewelry due to their toxicity or special texture. We can place them on the table to resonate the energy of the crystals, and the effect will be the same.

Q: When purchasing a crystal bracelet, will there be a gift box?

A: We provide a packaged gift box set