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Demons and Stones

Rhodochrosite is suitable for Libra

Rhodochrosite is suitable for Libra

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Rhodochrosite can develop people's heart chakra, make the wearer feel happy, awaken people's need for love, and at the same time bring you the opportunity for love. Different from rose quartz, rhodolite can increase people's confidence and make people move towards their goals. It is especially suitable for people who already have a partner. Rhodochrosite can relieve depression and help luck. In addition, it can also enhance personal motivation and action. Wearing rhodolite when going out can help attract the attention of the opposite sex and attract love. Wearing rhodolite in business negotiations can make it easier for both parties to reach a consensus and successfully sign an agreement. Husbands and wives give rhodolite to each other and wear them together, which can easily make each other integrate into each other's love, and achieve the effect of connecting hearts and minds.

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