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Demons and Stones

24K personalized ethnic style bracelet

24K personalized ethnic style bracelet

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1. Trustful love: The luster and atmosphere of gold are convincing, and it has a very long shelf life. Therefore, people use gold as a metaphor for the belief in love. Therefore, the gold bracelet symbolizes trusting love and symbolizes the stronger relationship between two people.
2. Nobility: Gold has been a luxury product since ancient times. Whether it is color or workmanship, it embodies unparalleled noble beauty. Therefore, the glittering gold bracelet means nobility, symbolizes a prosperous life, and demonstrates nobility and extraordinary demeanor.
3. Wealth: Whether in the past or now, gold is a kind of hard currency that can be used as currency and is an important way for people to store wealth. Therefore, gold bracelets symbolize wealth and endless wealth.
4. Rights: Because gold has always been a symbol of wealth and power, in ancient times only high-ranking officials would wear gold jewelry. Therefore, wearing a gold bracelet can show your status and family background.

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